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Latest Piracy News

Spanish & French vessels fishing illegally in the Indian Ocean

The report also highlights small amounts of reported catches in the Chagos

Journalist Journalist June 2, 2022

Five senior officials arrested over controversial Transnet locomotive procurement

In Johannesburg last Friday (27 May 2022), five people including former senior

Journalist Journalist May 31, 2022

African Union Extraordinary Summit onTerrorism and Unconstitutional Changes of Government in Equatorial Guinea

The President of Equatorial Guinea has also rejected and condemned the unconstitutional

Journalist Journalist May 30, 2022

ISRAR fishing fleet blacklisted in Indian Ocean to safeguard tuna

EJF said in a statement on Wednesday that it applauds these actions,

Journalist Journalist May 27, 2022

MOL participates in anti-piracy drill with LNG carrier

Based on a scenario that pirates were pursuing and closing in on

Journalist Journalist May 23, 2022

International defense group introduces tracking system targeting illegal fishing

The group is committed to the policy objective of a “rules-based maritime

Journalist Journalist May 23, 2022